When our industrial customers have a machine that is extremely difficult to move they call on Eastern Machinery Movers & Erectors, Inc. Some of them believe that we actually prefer moving the impossible. They’re right! However, most of our projects are routine moves – disassemble, load, transport and reassemble.

Whether off-loading an injection machine from a railroad car and installing it in a plant, moving an entire plant to a new location, moving machinery within a plant, or hauling a new stamp press cross-country from a seaport and installing it in a plant, EMME has all of the necessary rolling equipment to successfully complete each job.

We have the solutions, equipment and manpower to complete your job efficiently:

Equipment to lift any size machine: forklifts from 6,000 to 200,000 lbs, 400-ton gantry, and hydraulic cranes

On-site and cross-country heavy hauling: flat bed, low-boy, step deck, 13-axle, and 150-ton trailers

Specially designed equipment: truck and trailer for unloading machines from railroad cars and equipment for relocating presses intact within a facility

Fully Insured


Specially designed equipment for relocating presses intact within facility (600- ton press shown)


Contact EMME to find out more about our services, 770-973-8640. We'd like the opportunity to show you how we can make even the most difficult project seem routine for you on your next machinery move.

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